Intelligent Grid Interfaced Vehicle Eco-charging - iGIVE


The aim of this project is to develop an intelligent grid interfaced vehicle eco-charging (iGIVE) system for more reliable, more flexible and efficient, and more environmental friendly smart gird solutions for seamless integration of distributed low-carbon intermittent power generation and large number of EVs.

This will enable research-intensive universities in the UK to create a critical mass on low carbon energy research to help maintain the UK’s global standing and capacity in the light of increasing international competitions, and China to address its energy issues in a sustainable and whole systems manner.

Queen's University Belfast and Cranfield University form the UK side of the collaboration under the leadership of Prof Kang Li.

Harbin Institute of Technology and the State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, led by Prof Shukang Cheng and Prof Yuisheng Xue respectively, form the China team.

Recent Updates
  1. 7th iGive project meeting UK and China
  2. Monday 01/03/2015, Prof Chris MI, Development of an Extremely Efficient Wireless EV charger
  3. Friday 28/11/2014, Prof Erwei Bai, "Separable Least Squares and its Applications in Optimization"
  4. Wednesday 05/11/2014, 6th iGive meeting UK.
  5. Wednesday 05/11/2014, Prof Chunbo Zhu - Battery management technology and wireless power transformation
  6. Best paper award from LSMS2014 & ICSEE2014
  7. LSMS2014 & ICSEE2014 has been successfully organized by SHU and QUB
  8. Tuesday, 01/07/2015, Poster at Centre for Power Electronics Annual Conference


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This project is financially funded by
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