1st iGive Meeting - UK Only

Date and time:

Friday 24 May 2013 at 11:00 am – 13:00 pm


Skype meeting


  • Prof. Kang Li, PI, QUB
  • Dr. David Laverty, CI, QUB
  • Dr. Aoife Foley, CI, QUB
  • Dr. Patrick Luk, CI, Cranfield University
  • Dr. Jing Deng, QUB


1. Welcome and review of the project
2. Management team composition (possibly include industrial partners)
3. Project work-plan and first year plan
4. Recruitment of research Staffs and allocation of possible research students working on the project
5. Project website, publicity, Network activities and first kick off meeting/summit
6. Staff and student exchanges with Chinese partners
7. Workshop and international conference next year
8. Establish joint lab and consortium
9. Connect with professional bodies and networks for promoting, dissemination, and commercialisation
10. Any other business
11. Next meeting date

Meeting Minutes

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