2nd iGive Meeting UK And China

Time and date:

9:00am - 11:30am UK, Wednesday, 9th Oct 2013


Skype meeting


  • QUB: Prof Kang Li, Dr David Laverty, Dr Aoife Foley, Dr Jing Deng, Zhile Yang, Cheng Zhang
  • Cranfied University: Prof Patrick Luk
  • HIT: Prof Shukang Cheng,
  • SGEPRI: Prof Yusheng Xue


  1. Welcome and review of the project.
  2. PPT presentation - First year plan from each partner - research themes, joint publication, joint workshop, etc.
  3. Project website, publicity, Network activities and first joint workshop/conference.
  4. Academic visits and student exchanges
  5. Establish joint lab and consortium in year 2.
  6. Connect with professional bodies and networks for promoting, dissemination, and commercialisation.
  7. Industrial partners
  8. Any other business.
  9. Next meeting date.
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