5th IGive Meeting UK and China

Time and date:

9:00 am – 11:30pm (London time), Beijing Time: (4:00pm - 7:00pm), Tuesday 27th May 2014


Skype meeting (Room 8.023, Ashby building)


Queen’s University Belfast, UK

  1. Prof. Kang Li, PI
  2. Dr. David Laverty, CI
  3. Dr. Aoife Foley, CI
  4. Dr. Jing Deng
  5. Dr Songyan Wang
  6. Mr Zhile Yang
  7. Mr Cheng Zhang
  8. Mr Bowen Zhou

Cranfield University, UK

  1. Prof Patrick Luk, CI,
  2. Dr Weizhong Fei
  3. Dr Akram Bati
  4. Mr Wenyi Liang
  5. Mr Mohammed Al-Saadi
  6. Mr Mohammed Alkhafaji

Harbin Institute of Technology, China

  1. Prof Shukang Cheng, PI
  2. Prof Shumei Cui
  3. Prof Qianfan Zhang
  4. Prof Chunbo Zhu
  5. Prof Jilai Yu
  6. Prof Ruiye Liu
  7. Dr Weixing Li
  8. Dr Yufeng Guo
  9. Dr Xiaofang Liu
  10. Mr Xiaofei Liu
  11. Mr Lei Pei
  12. Ms Tiansi Wang
  13. Mr Mingfei Ban
  14. Mr Weifeng Gao
  15. Mr Jintang Li
  16. Mr Tuopu Na
  17. Ms Jing GE
  18. Ms Aina Tian

State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, China

  1. Prof Yuisheng Xue
  2. Dongliang Xie
  3. Juai WU


  1. Welcome by PI
  2. Progress report from Cranfield (30 minutes in total)
    • Welcome new RA Mr Wenyi Liang (5 minutes)
    • Presentations (20 minutes)
    • Q&A (5 minutes)
  3. Progress report from QUB (30 Minutes in total)
    • Dr Jing Deng (10 minutes)
    • Cheng Zhang (5 minutes)
    • Zhile Yang (5 minutes)
    • Q&A (5minutes)
  4. Progress report from HIT, China (30 minutes in total)
    • Presentations (20 minutes)
    • Q&A (10 minutes)
  5. Progress report from SGEPRI, China (20 minutes in total)
    • Presentations (15 minutes)
    • Q&A (10 minutes)
  6. Workshop at LSMS 2014 conference (20 minutes)
  7. September visit (UK to China) (10 minutes)
  8. Discussion (20 minutes)
    • Research plan.
    • Publications and Collaborations.
    • Special issue on MPCE
    • Industrial support.
    • Student and staff exchange.
  9. Any other business
  10. Next meeting date

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Meeting minutes

  • Prof Kang Li Welcome all attendees. Both the audio and video quality seems very good.
  • UK team (Prof Kang Li, Dr. David Laverty, Dr. Aoife Foley, Prof Sean McLoone from QUB and Prof Patrick Luk from Cranfield University will visit HIT (15th - 17t Sept), Nanrui (18th Sept-19th Sept), and Shanghai (20th Sept - 24th Sept). May also visit Shanghai electricity during the conference (20th or 22rd Sept).
  • The workshop at LSMS 2014 conference will be hold on the first day (21st Sept) after a project meeting
  • Mr Wenyi Liang introduced his previous work and experience (He joined cranfield University as a PDRA two months ago)
  • Mohammed from Cranfield presented his work and progress
  • Dr Jing Deng, Mr Zhile Yang, Mr Cheng Zhang, and Dr David Laverty from QUB presented their research work and progress.
  • Dongliang Xie from SGEPRI presented the work on EV market in China.
  • Four presentations are given from HIT.
  • The team from HIT is planned to visit UK before or after a conference in portugal (27th Nov - 30th Nov)
  • Prof Kang Li invite contributions to UKACC 2016 conference to be held at QUB
  • It is expected that our joint Laboratory on EV and Smart grid will be well established by 2015 or early 2016.
  • Prof Shumei Cui suggested data sharing, resource sharing within iGive project.
  • Prof Kang Li invited contributions to a special issue on journal MPCE (more information can be found on this website)
  • It is suggested to host next meeting after supper (for Chinese partners).

Meeting documents

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