Project Members

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Queen's University Belfast, UK

Photo Name Job title Email Research area
k-li-1.jpg Prof Kang Li Professor System modelling and identification, optimization, intelligent control
WP_20130818_078.jpg Dr Jing Deng Research Fellow system modelling, pattern recognition and fault detection, and fuzzy control with applications on energy efficiency improvement
causeway-self.jpg Zhile (Slerk) Yang PhD Candidate Modelling and optimization of power system scheduling considering EV integration
IMG_0868.JPG Cheng (Michael) Zhang PhD Candidate Modelling and Control of battery and Electric vehicle
david-laverty-1.jpg Dr David Laverty Lecturer
924ae556d4ab1aa83e0cd64dff586d22-1.jpg Dr Aoife Foley Lecturer Offshore wind power, electricity and gas markets and power system efficiency using intelligent ICT at the distribution level, utility scale energy storage and electric vehicles
Media-498410-en.jpg Dr Xiandong Xu Research Fellow Integrated energy system modelling, optimization, and reliability analysis

Cranfield University, UK

Photo Name Job title Email Research area
Patrick-Luk-protrait.png Prof Patrick Chi-Kwong LUK Professor Novel electrical machines and drives, PM and flux-switching machines, superconducting machines, wireless power transfer, renewable energy systems, electric vehicles, high frequency power distribution, Class E converters.
show-1.action Dr Weizhong Fei Lecturer Automotive, Energy
akram-bati-1.jpg Dr Akram Bati Lecturer Power Systems Stability , wind turbine control, PV Panel control, smart grid analysis
mohammed-photo2.jpg Mr Mohammed Al-Saadi PhD Candidate Power system transient, power transmitted on transmission line, Smart microgrid, power system harmonics
Mohammed-Photo.jpg Mr Mohammed Alkhafaji PhD Candidate Power system analysis, power system control strategies, smart grid power system
2121.png Dr Wenyi Liang Research Fellow Electric machine and drives

Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Photo Name Job title Email Research area
QQ-20131128225603_.jpg Prof Shukang Cheng Professor
csm.jpg Prof Shumei Cui Professor EV electric driving control technology; Inertial energy storage pulsed power supply; Motor test and fault diagnosis; Micro and special electrical machines and control
2011-7-7.jpg Prof Qianfan Zhang Professor Power Electronics, Electric Machine and Drives, Electrical system on EV and HEV, V2G,
1.jpg Prof Chunbo Zhou Professor Wireless power transmission technology; Battery management technology; Control technology in EVs
yjl.jpg Prof Jilai Yu Professor Power System Analysis and Control; Optimal Dispatch of Power System; Green Power and Smart Grid
lll.jpg Prof Ruiye Liu Professor Power System Analysis and Control; Application of Artificial Intelligence in Power System; Application of Power Electronics in Power System
IMG_9157-edit.jpg Dr Weixing Li Associate Professor Power system operation and planning, Grid integration of renewable energy.
myself.jpg Dr Yufeng Guo Associate Professor Power system frequency regulation analysis and control;Power system modeling and simulation ;Green Power and Smart Grid
wsy.jpg Dr Songyan Wang Research Fellow Power system operation and control with high wind power penetration, Optimal Dispatch of Power System, Economical and environmental dispatch considering electric vehicle integration
lxf.jpg Dr Xiaofang Liu Associate Professor Special high-power supply and its applications; Battery management technology
lxfei.jpg Xiaofei Liu PhD Candidate Vehicle-to-Grid Technology; EV motor driving control; Onboard Charging System
1_.png Lei Pei PhD Candidate Battery modelling and state estimation
2.png Tiansi Wang PhD Candidate Battery SOH estimation; Battery remaining-useful-life (RUL) prediction
bmf.jpg Mingfei Ban PhD Candidate Electric Vehicle; Smart Grid
gwf.jpg Weifeng Gao Other Bidirectional on-board charger based on V2G
ljt.jpg Jintang Li Other Electric vehicles and smart grid technology
ntp.png Tuopu Na Other Integrated on-board charger
8208288-201.jpg Jing GE PhD Candidate Electric Vehicle; Smart Grid
width="150px" Aina Tian PhD Candidate Power systems, V2G

State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, China

Photo Name Job title Email Research area
APPEEC2014-2013061815574275-1.jpg Prof Yuisheng Xue Professor
.png Dongliang Xie PhD Candidate
IMG_0010.JPG Juai Wu Other
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