Seminar Fei Minrui 2015 networked control

Networked control and systems for intelligent manufacturing

By Prof. Minrui Fei


This seminar starts with an introduction to the research environment in the School of Mechatronic Engineering and Automation, and Shanghai Key Laboratory of Power Station Automation Technology, Shanghai University, China. Then the background and challenges in intelligent manufacturing, intelligent robot and networked intelligent control and systems for manufacturing are briefly discussed. This talk will cover three main areas which includes: (a) Theories and methods used in networked intelligent control systems, such as embedding data-driven approaches into networked intelligent control systems, and sensor and communication network for intelligent control systems; (b) Vision based intelligent perception methods and applications; (c) Intelligent manufacturing based on above technologies, and the future work.


Ashby Conference Room, Ashby 7.005

Date &Time:

Thursday 13/08/2015, at 11:00am (Tea and coffee served before the talk)

Bio-sketch of the speaker:


Prof Minrui (Frank) Fei is a full Professor, Ph.D. Supervisor and Dean of the School of Mechatronic Engineering and Automation, Shanghai University, and director of Shanghai Key Laboratory of Power Station Automation Technology.

Prof Fei’s research interest is on automatic control science & engineering. He has published over 300 conference and journal papers. He has made significant contributions to networked advanced control and system implementation, distributed and fieldbus control systems, key technology and applications in multi-fieldbus conversion and performance evaluation, as well as the application of virtual reality and digital simulation in industry. He has ownership of 50 intellectual property rights, including 35 Invention Patents and 11 Software Copyrights, and been awarded 5 the First or Second Prize of China Machinery Industry and/or Shanghai Science and Technology Progress for his contributions in the above areas.

Prof Fei is actively involved in professional organizations in China. He is Chairman of Life System Modeling and Simulation Sub-society, a Vice President of the Chinese Association for System Simulation; Chairman of Embedded Instrument and System Sub-society, Vice-chairman of the Process Measuring & Control Instrument Sub-society, Deputy Director of the China Instrument & Control Society; Vice-chairman of the Intelligent Control and Intelligent Management Sub-society, Director of the Chinese Artificial Intelligence Association. He serves as editorial board members of 4 international journals and 6 Chinese journals.

This visit and the seminar are part of iGive project (Intelligent Grid Interfaced Vehicle Eco-charging - EP/L001063/1)

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