Seminar by Prof YS Xue at QUB July 2013

“Generalized Congestion Management in Macro Energy Perspective”

By Prof Yusheng Xue

Location: 07.005, conference room, Ashby building, QUB
Time & Date: 11:30 am, Thursday, 22July 2013 (tea/coffee will be served before the lecture)


It is well known that power system operations are often constrained by transmission congestions which reflect the physical restrictions intrinsic to the power system itself. The power market running on top of the system is also constrained by factors such as primary energy, emissions, technical support, as well as multi-player gaming among market participants including regulators.
The current researches on congestion and market power are isolated. The former is limited to transmission congestion, while the latter to generation market power. Researches on interactive mechanism among congestion, market power, regulation and power market stability are still scarce. Generalized market power can be caused by primary energy, emission, technology support, etc. Multi-side gaming and regulation will influence the market efficiency due to their possession of market power. Generalized congestions may increase/decrease the market power of participants.
Dynamic simulation, optimization technology and control theory have been widely used in technical field, which should be introduced into the research on generalized congestions and market power. Experimental economics can be applied in the simulations, in which the simulation participants (or computer agents) can game based on the dynamic simulated information. Their decision will act as system inputs to interact with mathematical models. Congestion management should be treated as a dynamic programming problem, in which the control methods are the regulation measures, and the optimization objective function could be set according to research purposes, say the sum of production cost and risk.
In this presentation, we propose a new concept of generalized congestions to describe those factors affecting both the competition level and the efficiency of power markets. Market power is a market participant’s capability in influencing market efficiency with the aid of generalized congestions; generalized market power reflects its capability to influence the social welfare. This presentation analyses generalized congestions, market power and generalized market power in many aspects including taxonomy, evaluation indexes, control measures and the corresponding research methods. Based on the experimental economics method, a research framework is proposed to facilitate comprehensive studies on the influences of generalized congestions on market power.

Bio-sketch of the speaker

Professor Yusheng XUE received MSc degree in Electrical Engineering from EPRI, China in 1981 and PhD degree from the University of Liege, Belgium in 1987. He was elected an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering in 1995. He is now the Honorary President of State Grid Electric Power Research Institute (SGEPRI or NARI), China. He holds the positions of Adjunct Professor in many universities in China and a conjoint professor of the University of Newcastle in Australia. He was also an honorary professor of the University of Queensland, Australia. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of “Automation of Electric Power System” (in Chinese) and that of the “Journal of Modern Power System and Clean energy” (in English), and a member of Editorial Board of IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution, and Chairman of Technical Committee of Chinese National Committee of CIGRE since 2005.

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